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Salmon Fishing update - (Nov 21st, 2018)


We have enjoyed our Fall weather in Vancouver this year as sunny and light winds have been the norm. Our company has been on the water quite a bit and we have been pleasantly surprised with the size of the feeder chinook salmon this season. We have had very few undersized salmon with 10 to 13 pounds being the most common size. The top catch was a 16 pounder. Our guides have been fishing mostly around Bowen Island. We have fished English Bay a bit now that the bait fish have moved into the Bay. We will start to target this area more. As usual the Howe Sound and Bowen Island fishery has been tide sensitive.

The salmon seem to be here one minute and gone the next. Reading the tides in the winter is very important. Our company specializes in the winter fishery and are in-the-know as to where to fish and on what tides. In the last week we are seeing higher fish counts being caught on our charters as we are seeing some smaller chinook salmon move into the area. This trend should continue with both bigger and some smaller salmon continuing to build as we move into December. For gear we have been mostly using 3 ½ in spoons, black with purple patterns and green with green patterns have worked the best.

Crabbing has started slowly this season but with the commercial crab season coming to a close on December 1st, the crabbing will start to pick up very quickly and continue in strength until June. Prawning has been very good and should also continue to improve over the course of the season. Both of these activities can be done on your charter.

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